Basicallt just a table of traditional Conservatism, Thatcherism and Cameron's revolution. Hope it's helpful! :)

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Traditional Thatcherism Cameron's Revolution
Inequality is natural in a free Opposition to the `dependency culture' It is the duty of the affluent to help those who
Social Justice market system that had been created are less fortunate
Welfare support should only be There is no obligation to help those less Society should open up opportunities for
reserved for the most needy fortunate than ourselves those who need the support
Taxation Taxes on incomes and company Less of personal and business taxation Tax must be set at a level that means they
profits should be kept to must be kept to a minimum this is can also help to sustain good quality public
minimum incentive services
It is important but not a priority Sustainability was not a priority t was Environmental protection is priority for all
Environment Environmental protection should greenhouse gases that were thee and everyone's responsibility
not overregulate business and problem and needed to be sorted
Government should take an Authoritarian, no nonsense approach It is key to consider the causes of crime and
Law and Order authoritarian approach to crime as of traditional conservatism deal with them this needs to balance with
and offenders an tough approach against serious crime
The state should play a limited Deregulation limit the role of The state has a key role to play in increasing
Role of the role and should not seek to create government there should be no opportunities and reducing poverty
State social and economic change intentional social or economic change
unless necessary
There should be maximum There should be maximum choice and Education should not single out the fortunate
Education choice and welcome specialised welcome specialised and selective ­ good education should be available to all,
and selective education education regardless of their circumstances
Rights and liberties have a lower Rights and liberties are not as Basic rights and liberties should not be
Rights priority than order and security important as security sacrificed for the sake of security


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