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The energy conservation response to increasing energy
demands is based on decreasing the amount of energy
Individuals and organisations that are direct consumers
of energy may want to reduce consumption for a number
or reasons
1. Reduce costs (or maximise profits)
2. Reduce harmful emissions
3. Promote energy security on a regional or national
scale…read more

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EU Politics
Energy conservation has been high on the political
agenda of the EU in recent years
Countries have targets to reduce their carbon emissions
(largely by moving to renewable sources) and cut their
energy requirements by increasing the efficiency with
which energy is consumed
For example the UK is working towards a zero energy
building standard for all new building by 2016…read more

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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Electricity power stations waste 65% of the heat they
CHP plants can be up to 95% efficient as they capture and
recycle the waste heat produced in electricity generation
CHP plants still use fossil fuels but cut emissions and
reduce fuel dependency
They can use different fuels in the same boiler including
The sites can be enormous- large generating capacity…read more

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Green taxation
Aim to cut the use of natural resources and encouraging
recycling. The governments plans to change road tax
(Vehicle Excise Duty) are an example of green taxation
Road tax increase- 2010-2011, an estimated 9.4 million
motorists will have to pay more road tax under reforms
`Green tax revolt'- more than 7 in 10 voters in Britain insist
they would not be willing to pay higher taxes to fund climate
change tackling projects…read more

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A smart grid is a modernized electrical grid that uses
information and communications technology to gather
and act on information, such as information about the
behaviours of suppliers and consumers, in an
automated fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability,
economics, and sustainability of the production and
distribution of electricity
Smart grid policy is organized in Europe as Smart Grid
European Technology Platform…read more

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