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Definition: the protection and management of
species and habitats…read more

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Why do we conserve?
Species can be resources eg clothes, food,
Moral obligation (it's the right thing to do)
Pleasure- we enjoy seeing them (and good for
Reduce the impact of climate change eg
Prevent disruption of the food chain
Maintain biodiversity/ species diversity…read more

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Peoples livelihoods are at stake!
Shark fin soup
Chinese medicine
Exotic pets
Hunting trophies
Building houses
fishing…read more

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Ways to conserve
Seed banks eg Kew Gardens
Fishing quotas ­ internationally agreed but
conflicts with fishermen
Captive breeding of animals ­ sometimes
difficult, and can bring disease when released
into the wild
Relocation ­ but what impact will this have on
other species?
Habitat protection ­ national parks, SSSI,
reserves…read more

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The conservation process relies on
Research on species numbers etc
Inform decisions ­ may take years
Report to government agencies
DDT banned in UK in 1984 but harmful effects
discovered in the 1950's
Drop in whale populations led to IWC's
moratorium on whaling (but the Japanese
think their "scientific whaling" program
means they ignore this *grrr...shakes fist*…read more


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