Consequences of the use of Computers

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Unauthorised access to computer material
Computer Misuse Act 1990 This act induces a penalty for an offence stated
Gathering: Personal data shall be processed fairly Unauthorised access with no intent to commit
within the act.
and lawfully and under certain conditions. further offences
Unauthorised modification of computer material
Data Purpose: Personal data shall be obtained If display screen equipment use is significant in a
only for one or more specified and lawful work activity, employees must have training and
purposes, and shall not be further processed information on how to use the equipment safely.
against that purpose Health and Safety Regulations
Data Quantity: Personal data shall be adequate, Employees can request an eye test.
relevant and not excessive in relation to the They should have breaks or changes in activity.
purpose for which they are processed. Data Protection Act 1984 and 1998
They should have a suitable workstation, with
Data Quality: Personal data shall be accurate and adjustable chair, a footrest if required and a
where necessary, up to date. detachable keyboard.
Data Lifetime: data processed for any purpose
Regulations of Investigatory powers Act 2000 Under this act, it is an offence to intercept a
shall not be kept for longer than is necessary.
message sent via pubic or private
Data subject's rights: personal data shall be telecommunication systems. The RIPA gives the
processed in accordance with the rights of data security and intelligence services the right to
subjects under the DPA. These right include that intercept messages and ISPs may be required to
the data subject is told what data i held about make this possible.
them, for what purposes and to whom it may be
The RIPA no longer applies once messages are in
disclosed. They also have the right to have
a mailbox, and the DPA requires ISPs and
inaccurate data destroyed or corrected and the
Ethics network administrators to grant privacy for
right to compensation for damage or distress
resulting from the mishap.
Internal Data Security: Technical and Many organisations ask their student, employees
organisational measures shall be taken against Computing: Consequences of Uses Of or members to sign a code of conduct. A code of
unauthorised or unlawful processing or personal Computers conduct is not a law. If yo break one of their
data and accidental loss or destruction of, or rules, you can't be criminally convicted but the
damage to personal data. organisation may follow its disciplinary
procedure. Art
External Data Security: Personal Data shall not be
transferred to a country or territory outside the Music
EU, unless that country or territory ensures an Intellectual Property means you own what you
adequate level of protection for the rights and create.
freedoms of data subjects in relation to the Broadcasts
You can use your intellectual property to gain
processing of personal data/ financial reward Sound Recordings
Technology used to restrict the use of digital Copyright means that you should only copy or Literature
media. use copyrighted work with the owners
DRM can be used to restrict when and how often Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
you watch a film. DRM (Digital Rights Management) Trademarks can be registered in order to
If you invent something new, you can patent it.
encourage originality in businesses. A trademark
Proprietary software: software where the owner This protects your ideas for up to 20 years. Your
can be name, logo, domain name, slogan, shape
places restrictions on its use, copying and invention must have an inventive step that isn't
or sound.
modification. obvious to someone with knowledge of that
specific field


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