Consequences of incorrect diagnosis of schizophrenia

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Psychology unit 4 schizophrenia revision
Consequences of incorrect diagnosis of schizophrenia
Drugs- might be given the wrong drugs to treat schizophrenia which they
don't have, meaning they will suffer the side effects unnecessarily. Also
wastes drugs that should have been given to real schizophrenics
Stress can be caused by being incorrectly diagnosed with schizophrenia as
you will think you have schizophrenia. This could cause patients to develop
other mental illnesses or schizophrenia itself.
Self fulfilling prophecy could be developed which is when you start to act
like you have schizophrenia
Lower job prospects as employers won't want to employ as schizophrenic
which could lead to them loosing social standing due to unemployment,
meaning they will become more lower class.
Discrimination- people don't want to associate with a schizophrenic
Institutionalised even if there is nothing wrong with you, if psychiatrists
think you have an extreme case.
Symptoms can get worse if a schizophrenic isn't treated because they were
incorrectly diagnosed.
Danger to society- Peter Sutcliffe
Diagnosed with the wrong mental illness such as depression meaning they will
get the wrong treatments or not treatment at all.


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