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The main thinkers of conscience

Augustine of Hippo

Conscience was the voice of God speaking to us; he is telling us what is right and wrong. He urged all
Christians to be concerned about conscience and seriously consider it.

Thomas Aquinas

Aquinas believed that people try to do good actions…

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2. Benevolence

Conscience encourages humankind away from selfish lobe towards focusing on the interests and
happiness of other humans.

Butler had the opinion that the conscience enables us to judge and determine rightness or wrongness of
our actions. He believed that that our conscience was given to us intuitively and…

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Piaget's approach suggests that the development of the conscience is something that is learned from
external influences but is also naturally occurring.

Lawrence Kohlberg agreed with Piagets ideas but believe there were more stages to moral

Both Piaget and Kohlberg believed that most moral development of a conscience occur…


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