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CONSCIENCE Ethics…read more

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What is conscience?
Where does conscience come from?
Is conscience innate or acquired?
What is the function in ethical decision-making?
Twain "I have noticed my conscience for many years, and I know its more
trouble and bother to me than anything else I started with".…read more

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Conscience is God given
"When Gentiles, who do not possess the law, do instinctively what the law requires,
these, though not having the law, are a law to themselves. They show that what the
law requires is written on their hearts".
Everyone knows what is right and wrong because it is a God given utility.
By following their conscience people can follow the Divine law.…read more

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An action being morally good is equivalent to being commanded by God.
Moral knowledge cannot be had except from God because morality is based
on what God commands.
Do "morally right" and "commanded by God" mean the same thing?
Can one only be moral with a knowledge of God?
Is this coherent?
The Euthyphro dilemma has posed a significant problem for DCT in that does God
command things because they are good or are they good because God commands
them?…read more

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Synderesis rule ­ People aim for what is good and avoid the bad.
Right reason ­ person acquires a basic understanding of the moral laws and
understands that it is important to do good and avoid evil.
Sin = people seeking what they think is good but is bad, because they are not using
their powers of reason properly.
Used in defence of conscience being described as the voice of God.
Conscientia ­ The actual ethical judgement/decision which leads to a course
of action based upon (synderesis) principles.
Different societies have different views on right and wrong
However sometimes people get things wrong and make the wrong choices.…read more

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Conscience is being able to distinguish right from wrong and to make
decisions when a person is confronted with difficult moral situations.
Reason used correctly to find out what God sees is good.
Always right to follow your conscience
It is always right to apply your moral principles to each situation as best you can.
Does not mean if you follow your conscience you will always be right
You may have the wrong principles.…read more

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