Conjugal roles revision

Revision on conjugal roles for AQA AS Sociology Unit 1: Families & Households. It includes:

  • Willmott and Young research
  • Conjugal bond evidence
  • Ann Oakley's criticism of Willmott and Young
  • British Social Attitudes Survey
  • Ferri and Smith
  • Gershuny
  • Sullivan
  • Edgell
  • Key definitions: Conjugal bond, dual burden, triple shift
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AS Sociology 27th April
Families & Households revision

Conjugal Roles

Conjugal roles are the positions that the husband and wife occupy in the home.


They found that in the 1970s the symmetrical family (a nuclear family in which
both spouses perform equally important roles) was developing in…

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AS Sociology 27th April
Families & Households revision

However, men did seem to be making more of an effort to do housework when
their wives were in paid work


Men spent a little more time socialising, sleeping, relaxing and eating than


Interviewed husbands and wives
Women dominated…


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