Conflicts within New Right

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Tensions within the New Right
Classical liberalism Traditional conservatism
negative liberty, laissezfaire, civil stability, authority, duty, principles of
liberties natural law, tradition
Atomism Organicism
individuals in grouping community, unity, society like human
`There is no such thing as society' organs
Radicalism Cautious and piecemeal change
Greater change, more drastic change, a reliance on traditional modes and
decisive break from the postwar institutions e.g., state, family
Libertarianism/minimal state Authoritarianism/strong state
enhance individual freedom through law & order, provide direction on
privatisation, deregulation and reduced societal morals in response to growth
welfarism of permissiveness
Economic dynamism Social order
faith in free market principles to create economic change had huge
opportunities socioeconomic implications,
destroying communities and requiring
the squashing of protests
Equality of opportunity Natural hierarchy
success based on thrift, hard work society had natural divisions and roles
and selfenterprise for particular groups
Internationalism/ Proglobalisation Insular nationalism/
the development of free market Antiglobalisation
capitalism on a global basis Increased immigration and the mixing
encouraged cooperation and of ideas through media threatened
interdependence on a global scale traditional cultures and values
Ideological Pragmatic
dogmatic attachment to the adopt policies that work
supremacy of the market


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