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Paralysed Man (2:1-12)
Forgiving sins (blasphemy)
Healing the man
Claiming to have authority to forgive sins
Being with an outcast (paralysed man)

1. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins ­ Today the authority to forgive sins comes from the
Church through the priest
2. Jesus healed the…

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Disagreements about the Sabbath (2:23-28) & (3:1-6)

Breaking the Sabbath Law (picking corn and heals the man)
Puts himself on a par with David
Jesus says he is Lord
Jesus questions the Law (what does our Law allow us to do)
Jesus did not need to heal the man…

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** Community Cohesion**
UK is a multi-faith society
Members of other faiths have special days of the week ­ does this mean that these other days
should be special too?
What happens when religious duties interfere with your job? What happens if you have to
work on a holy day?…

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4. Jesus is showing what we should be doing ­ we need to follow Jesus' example ­ follow God's

** Community Cohesion**
Jesus eating with sinners ­respect for all, even outcasts e.g. the homeless, prostitutes
Jesus' teaching what is on what comes out of you ­ how you treat…

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Entry into Jerusalem (11:1-11)

Jesus is popular (people are cheering him)
The crowd relate Jesus to David
Jesus is being treated and seen as a Messiah

1. Jesus enters on a donkey ­ showing Jesus is a peaceful Messiah and not a military one ­ it
shows that…

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Showed authority over the temple

1. Jesus is proclaiming God's law - Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Malachi
2. Jesus overturned the tables ­ we see his human side ­ he is quite violent
3. This takes place in the court of the Gentiles - Jesus is saying that…

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**Community Cohesion**
Today there is a clash with government, politics and religion
Example of someone who challenged this was - Dietrich Bonhoeffer ­ He was a Christian pastor
who spoke out against Nazism
He believed God should come first if there is a clash between government and religion
Should people…


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