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Paralysed Man (2:1-12)
Forgiving sins (blasphemy)
Healing the man
Claiming to have authority to forgive sins
Being with an outcast (paralysed man)
1. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins ­ Today the authority to forgive sins comes from the
Church through the priest
2. Jesus healed the man ­ Today this happens with the anointing of the sick (Problem as some are
healed and some are not)
3. Jesus accused of blasphemy ­ This is not a problem as Jesus is God (Son of God)
4. Jesus taught us to forgive others ­ Today this is hard for Christians to do

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Disagreements about the Sabbath (2:23-28) & (3:1-6)
Breaking the Sabbath Law (picking corn and heals the man)
Puts himself on a par with David
Jesus says he is Lord
Jesus questions the Law (what does our Law allow us to do)
Jesus did not need to heal the man as his life was not in danger
Jesus puts the Sabbath Law second over the needs of others
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Community Cohesion**
UK is a multi-faith society
Members of other faiths have special days of the week ­ does this mean that these other days
should be special too?
What happens when religious duties interfere with your job? What happens if you have to
work on a holy day?
What about those who don't follow a religious faith ­ how should they respond to people's
requests based on religious teachings or laws?
Disagreements about the Law (7:1-23)
Not following the law on cleaning
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Jesus is showing what we should be doing ­ we need to follow Jesus' example ­ follow God's
** Community Cohesion**
Jesus eating with sinners ­respect for all, even outcasts e.g.…read more

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Entry into Jerusalem (11:1-11)
Jesus is popular (people are cheering him)
The crowd relate Jesus to David
Jesus is being treated and seen as a Messiah
1. Jesus enters on a donkey ­ showing Jesus is a peaceful Messiah and not a military one ­ it
shows that Jesus comes in peace
2. Hosanna is shouted ­ means "save now" the Jews see Jesus as the Messiah and one who will
save them. Also they relate this to David.…read more

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Showed authority over the temple
1. Jesus is proclaiming God's law - Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Malachi
2. Jesus overturned the tables ­ we see his human side ­ he is quite violent
3. This takes place in the court of the Gentiles - Jesus is saying that whatever your nationality,
culture, religion or race people should be treated the same
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Community Cohesion**
Today there is a clash with government, politics and religion
Example of someone who challenged this was - Dietrich Bonhoeffer ­ He was a Christian pastor
who spoke out against Nazism
He believed God should come first if there is a clash between government and religion
Should people be punished for not following the government because of their religious beliefs?
Question about Resurrection (12:18-27)
Jesus is in a catch 22
Says they do not know the scriptures
Says they were wrong
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