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Understanding NICE guidance
Information for people who use NHS services

programmes for managing
children with conduct disorders
NICE `technology This leaflet is about how parent-training/education programmes should be
appraisal guidance' used to help parents or carers manage children with conduct disorders in
the NHS in England and Wales. It…

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What have NICE and SCIE said about
parent-training/education programmes
in the management of children with
conduct disorders?
This advice only applies to the management of children with conduct
disorders who are 12 years or younger, or who have a
developmental age of 12 years or younger.
Group-based parent-training/education programmes are…

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Conduct disorders Parent-training/
In this leaflet `conduct disorders' means the two conditions known as education
`conduct disorder' and `oppositional defiant disorder'. Children with programmes may
conduct disorders show antisocial, aggressive or defiant behaviour, not be the only
including aggression to people or animals, destruction of property,
possible way of

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More information about conduct disorders
The organisations below can provide more information and support for
parents and carers of children with conduct disorders and their families.
Please note that NICE is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of any
information or advice provided by these organisations.
· ADDISS (The…


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