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Computer Crime & Malpractice
New technology is always a target for crime
As ICT has developed, so has computer abuse
The internet is widely known to be used by
­ Fraudulent traders
­ Paedophiles
­ Hackers
­ Software pirates
­ Terrorists
Computer malpractice refers to acts which are
unethical although perhaps legal…read more

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­ Unauthorised access to data held on a computer
Extent of hacking is difficult to assess
Much of it is only discovered by accident
Often carried by corrupt employees or employees
with a grudge
­ They have insider knowledge of passwords and user Ids
At one level, the motive for doing it is just the
At any level it is illegal…read more

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Much of the hacking that takes place has nothing to
do with a fascination for technology
It is purely theft
Credit card details are stolen by hackers and then
used to make fraudulent purchases
Card details may also be stolen by more traditional
methods and then used to make purchases on the
Theft of data
­ Data can be stolen:
· by illegally hacking into a computer and downloading data
· by stealing the actual computer…read more

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Fraud on the Internet
Most of the fraud on the internet is caused by lack of control
Anyone can set up a site purporting to be a particular
Goods are offered for sale ­ but never delivered
Another type of illicit trade involves the sale of software
which ­ once the buyer pays for it ­ is apparently available
for download
­ The software will either be garbage or not arrive at all
You need to be aware of the schemes that are available…read more

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How a virus works
ORIGINATION - A programmer writes a program - the virus - to cause
mischief or destruction. The virus is capable of reproducing itself
TRANSMISSION - Often, the virus is attached to a normal program.…read more

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Logic Bomb
Similar to a virus ­ may be delivered by a virus
Can be written to destroy, or even subtly alter the contents
of a computer system
May require a further signal for activation
May require a further signal to prevent activation
­ As in a case of extortion
Sometimes, the threat of a bomb having been placed may
cause an institution to hand over money
Many large organisations would not want the lack of
security on their systems exposed…read more

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Digital Crime and the Law
Laws have had to be passed that can have an
international impact
The EU have discussed a directive for a standard
on Internet-related laws
Computer Misuse Act of 1990
1. Unauthorised access to computer programs or data
2. Unauthorised access with a further criminal intent
3. Unauthorised modification of computer material (I.e.…read more

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Software & Music Copyright Laws
Covered by
­ Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988
Provisions of the Act make it illegal to:
­ Copy software
­ Run pirated software
­ Transmit software over a telecomms line, thereby creating a copy
Software can be illegally copied and distributed
In addition, the look and feel of software can be copied
In the UK, the Business Software Alliance targeted small and
medium sized businesses to ensure that software is
correctly licensed
FAST ­ the Federation Against Software…read more

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Computers against crime
Computers are now invaluable in the fight against crime
In the 1980s police forces kept information on:
­ Cards
­ Basic computer systems
If crimes were committed in different force areas if was
difficult to create a combined enquiry
­ Data was not portable
The case of the Yorkshire Ripper cause a massive enquiry
into the way that investigative evidence was handled
The HOLMES system was devised to enable the comparison
of information in a more efficient and comprehensive way
All manner…read more


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Resource 3 - Protecting ICT Systems

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