Components Of Fitness

Revision notes on components of fitness for AS Physical Education, 6 Assignments.

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Components of Fitness
Physical Fitness
The concept of physical fitness is being able to meet both the physical and psychological demands
of a sport, without becoming tired. It means that a performer should not be in a state where they
cannot perform the skills of an activity both accurately and successfully.
Strength is the force provided by the muscles in a movement.
Strength is important in badminton as there are powerful shots that are needed such as the over
arm smash which requires a lot of both arm and wrist strength. If there is more strength in the arms
and wrist than the shot will be more effective and the shot will be harder.
Endurance is the ability to perform a movement or sustain effort for a period of time. Muscle
Endurance is the ability for muscles to repeat a movement without undue fatigue. Cardio vascular
endurance is the ability to transport oxygen through the muscles whilst undergoing in exercise for a
long period of time.
Both muscular and cardio vascular endurance are important in badminton. Muscles are under a lot
of pressure when performing rallies such of clears which means the muscles are under a lot of
pressure for a long period of time and each clear has to be performed with a lot of power. Cardio
vascular stamina is required because in a game there is a lot of running around the court and some
rallies can last for a long period of time. Then there is a short period of time before the next rally
starts. This means that cardio vascular stamina has to be high in able for Badminton to be played
effectively at a high level.
Speed is the maximum rate at which a person can move there body. Speed is the distance moved
per second.
Speed is needed in badminton so that a player can move to play a shot. A player may need to
move from one side of the court to the other in very fast time and speed would be essential for this.
Also if a player has to run back to play the shot and they are not fast they will not be able to play
an effective shot back. If the player was fast enough than they could run back and even play an
effective smash or a drop shot which is hard to do when running back.
Flexibility is the range of movement that a joint allows due to the type of joint and the muscle
Flexibility is needed in badminton so that a player can play a shot with full joint movement. The
more flexibility in the shoulder joint then the more effective shots can be played because there is no
stiffness in the bicep brachii, tricep brachii and deltoid muscle. Also a player needs to stretch with
there legs to take long steps forward to lift for example so there needs to be flexible in the legs and
Body Composition is a way of describing a persons Fat, Muscle and Bone. Body composition is a
way to asses the state of a persons fitness.
Body composition is important because if a person is obese they will find it harder to move around
the court than somebody who is lean. Also if someone has a lot of muscle than there weight will

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Motor Fitness
Motor fitness is the ability of a person to perform successfully at a particular game or activity.
Although there is a large overlap between Physical Fitness as sports will require both Physical and
Motor skills to be used. Motor components enable a person to perform a skill successfully and that
are more directly relevant to motor fitness.
Agility is the ability to rapidly change body position, and direction as quickly as possible.…read more

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