Components of Cigarette Smoke

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Components of cigarette smoke
Chemical Short term effects Long term effects
· Highly addictive. · Increases the strain on the
· Constricts blood vessels heart leading to an increased
and therefore increases risk of heart attack,
Nicotine blood pressure. · Increased risk of strokes.
· Increases heart rate.
· Increases chance of blood
· This combines permanently · Smokers are less fit and less
with haemoglobin in the red able to take exercise than
blood cells to reduce the nonsmokers.
amount of oxygen that can · Increases strain on the heart.
be transported. · Narrowing of arteries leads
· Heart has to pump more to high blood pressure.
Carbon Monoxide
blood around the body to
get oxygen to the cells.
· Increases the permeability
of the artery walls to
cholesterol increasing
· Tar settles on the lining of · Causes bronchitis and
the airways and destroys emphysema. These reduce
cilia. the ability to take in oxygen
· Tar also stimulates the into the body.
Tar goblet cells to produce · Contains carcinogens that
more mucus. can lead to cancer of the
· Contains carcinogens that lungs and bronchi.
can lead to mutations in


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