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Her courage rose to support her in her adversity
A protecting spirit to the poor girl
He strove to shelter her
My mother's tender caresses and my father's smile of benevolent please while regarding me
I was their plaything and their idol
Guided by a silken cord that all seemed…

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A thousand times rather would I have confessed myself guilty of the crime ascribed to Justine
Raving of a madman
I rely on her perfect innocence
Justine had already confessed her guilt
The idea of this visit was torture to me, yet I could not refuse
I confessed a lie…

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Tumultuous sea rolled between me and my enemy
I do I dare to ask you to undertake my pilgrimage- no I am not so selfish
No disaster has yet accompanied the commencement of an enterprise
Increasing confidence in the success of my undertaking
Undiscovered solitudes
Ardent curiosity
My education was…

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Solitude was my only consolation
I as tempted to plunge into the silent lake
Malice of the fiend
Remorse extinguished every hope
When I thought of him I gnashed my teeth
I ardently wished to extinguish that life which I had so thoughtlessly bestowed
Men appear to me as monsters…

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Pardon this intrusion
I am an outcast in the world forever
I am poor and an exile
You raise me from the dust by this kindness
Who can describe their horror and consternation on beholding me
My heart sank within me as with bitter sickness
Cursed, cursed creator! Why did…


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