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We all kept somehow close together
Sorrowful a memory
Natural hesitation among us
He remained of a ghastly whiteness
The coffin was empty
Something white come through the trees
Unharmed amongst the graves
At sundown the Un-Dead can move
It seemed fresh and pure in the night air after the terror of that vault
No taint of death and decay
I am closing the tomb so that the Un-Dead may not enter
In respectful silence we took the places assigned to us close round the tomb
Never di tombs look so ghastly white
A dim white figure, which held something dark at its breast
Recognized the features of Lucy Westenra Anadiplosis
Adamantine, heartless cruelty and the purity to voluptuous wantonness
Crimson fresh with blood
Stained the purity of her death robe
Lucy's eyes unclean and full of hell fire- her eyes blazed with unholy light
Languorous, voluptuous grace
If arrested by some irresistible force
No quiver from Van Helsing's iron nerves
Such baffled malice on a face
The folds of the flesh were the coils of Medusa's snakes
Scare a knife-blade could have gone
Till then I shall not ask you to forgive me
We had all put on black clothes
Its death-beauty
The foul thing which had taken Lucy's shape without her soul
A round wooden stake
The curse of immortality
Like as the rippled from a stone thrown in the water
Un-Deads that so filled us with horror
This not UN-Dead be made to rest as true dead
She shall take her place with the other angels
His should be the hand which would restore Lucy to us as holy
This stake must be driven through her
Then he struck with all his might
But Arthur never faltered
The terrible task was over
Her face of unequalled sweetness and purity
She is not a grinning devil now
Then we cut off the head and filled the mouth with garlic
Locked the door he gave the key to Arthur
The author of all this our sorrow and to stamp him out
Do we promise to go on to the bitter end?
The promise was made
Pearl among women
You will be master of all the facts
She does not know how precious time is
Let me hear how she died
You had better let me copy it out for you on my typewriter
Then it was terrible; my intuition was right!
He is certainty a man of noble nature
Because in the struggle which we have before us to rid the earth of this terrible monster we must have all the
knowledge and all the help which we can get
Many light to this dark mystery

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We need have no secrets amongst us
We have a cruel and dreadful task
Have every item put in chronological order
How good and thoughtful he is; the world seems full of good men- even if there are monsters in it
Knitting together in chronological order every scrap of evidence they have
Let me be like a sister to you in your trouble
I never thought at the time how strange it all was
You will let me be like a brother will you not,…read more

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We left no corner unsearched
Another man lost- disappeared
Only self and mate and two hand left to work ship
She was restless and uneasy all the time
Bent over it, what it was whether man or beat I could not tell
There was undoubtedly something, long, and black bending over the half reclining white figure
She was quite alone, and there was not a sign of any living thing about
The adventure of the night does not seem to have harmed her
The skin…read more

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I found to my delight to be thoroughly old-fashioned, for of course I wanted to see all I could of the ways of the
Too tight for modesty
Just before I was leaving the old lady came up to my room and said in a very hysterical way
It is the eve of St Georges Day
All the evil things in the world will have full sway
Mem.…read more

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Agony of delightful anticipation
Licked her lips like an animal
This man belongs to me
Then the horror overcame me and I sank down unconscious
I awoke in my own bed
Nothing can be more dreadful than those awful women- waiting to suck my blood
I know now the span of my life.…read more

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I shall cut off her head and fill her mouth with garlic and I shall drive a stake through her body
Have killed her by our ideas
Not delivered
Un dead is desperate and must find the line of least resistance
I was almost willingly to accept Van Helsing's monstrous ideas
in all calmness I must proceed
glittering pool of blood
horribly bruised, as though it had been beaten against the floor
his right arm and leg and the whole side of his face are…read more

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A handful of the money on the floor
He fear us; he fear time, he fear want
We can there, at least, protect her
Pale as death
Her loving kindness against our grim hate
You must be pitiful to him too, though it may not hold your hand from his destruction
A pity that made my own hate of the monster seem despicable
One of us will be here all night
He must hypnotize me before dawn
Stay my friends.…read more

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She grew whiter and ever whiter
Presently the horse began to scream, - when all nature is at lowest
So sweet tingling tones that Jonathan said were intolerable sweetness of the water-glasses
Come sister
She could not leave no more than they could enter
Then I began my terrible task and I dreaded it
I could not have gone further with my butchery
Her full sleep of death
We were in perfect desolation
I felt that the end was coming
The wolves were gathering for…read more


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