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A moment is the turning effect of a force (e.g
undoing a wheel-nut with a spanner)
The moment of this example can be increased by...
1. Increasing the size of the force.
2. Using a spanner with a longer handle.
The equation is... Moment of a
force = force X perpendicular
distance from pivot to the line of
action of the force.…read more

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Is the point at which all the mass of the object
is thought to be concentrated.
· Equilibrium is when an object's COM is
directly beneath the point of suspension.
Point of
suspension. Centre of
mass (COM).…read more

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For something to balance, the anticlockwise and
clockwise moments must be equal. Using the
example of a seesaw, this might be achieved by...
1. Heavier person moving closer to the pivot.
2. Lighter person sitting further away.
3. Using same weight people, same distance form
The sum of t
This is a loc k w is e m oments
n c
e of = the sum of
le of anticlockwis
ts' moments.…read more

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The stability of an object is how easily it topples.
· Stability can be increased by...
1. Making the base wider.
2. Making the COM as low as possible.
· An object will topple over when the line of action is
outside the base.
Centre of
mass (COM).
Line of action.…read more

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