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Business Studies
F292: Business Functions
Siobhan Parish…read more

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MARKETING…read more

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The process by which a firm tries to identify, anticipate and satisfy
customer needs and wants, and at the same time meet its own
The Significance of Marketing;
Identifying customer demand
Satisfying customer demand
Making a profit…read more

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Customer Orientation
One that bases its decisions on the
customers needs
- Continually monitors its environment to
find out what customers want, what
competitors are offering and what
changes are occurring in the market.
Companies are becoming increasingly more
market orientated, producing goods/services
tailored to the needs of the customers.…read more

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Product Orientation
Producing a product with little, or no, prior
market research, in the hope that it will
find a market with customers.
- Hopes that the quality and the features
of the product of its product will be the
key to the successful marketing and
selling of the product
Like telling the customer what they want
rather than the customer telling them…read more

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Always a
Sales volume (or value) of one product
Total sales volume (or value) in the whole 100
For example:
The market share of an Indian takeaway can be calculated
Sold by restaurant (per week) = 350
Total sold in town (per week) = 7000
x 100 = 5%
0…read more

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I have your f291 as well, you sir are a legend, great work, helping me out loads, perfect, exactly what i was looking for, thank you 

N Turner


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