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Ocr Biology ­ unit B7

OCR Biology ­ unit B7

The equation for photosynthesis is...
o Carbon dioxide + Water Glucose + Oxygen
o 6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6+ 6O2
Chlorophyll is the pigment which makes the leaves green
Chlorophyll picks up the sunlight
Plants make glucose both for respiration…

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Ocr Biology ­ unit B7

o Mutualism where both organisms benefit e.g. sea anemone on the shell of a
o Commensalism where one organism benefits and the other is not affected
e.g. moss on a tree
o Parasitism where one organism gains at the expense of another organism e.g.…

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Ocr Biology ­ unit B7

Now try the following questions... (Answers at the bottom of the document)

1. What are the symptoms of sickle cell anaemia?
2. Why is the sickle cell allele more common in some parts of the world?
3. Why do people with sickle cell anaemia have…

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Ocr Biology ­ unit B7

Ligaments connect bone to bone
Sprains occur when you overstretch a ligament, usually at the ankle or knee. They are
normally treated with RICE treatment (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)
Dislocations happen when a bone slips out of the joint, usually in the knee or

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Ocr Biology ­ unit B7

o A
o B
o AB
o O
The three alleles are...
o IA
o IB
o IO
IA and IB are co-dominant. This means traits from both alleles are present
Io is recessive
The name of the blood refers to the antigens on the…

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Ocr Biology ­ unit B7

2. Parasitism
3. Food, shelter and other things they need to live

Sickle cell anaemia and malaria

1. Tiredness, painful, stiff joints and shortness of breath
2. Because People with the allele have a natural resistance to malaria so they are more
likely to survive…


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