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Bangladesh Floods 2004…read more

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Location of Bangladesh…read more

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Facts about Bangladesh
· Delta of the Ganges, Meghna , Brahmaputa & Jamuna River
· Population 165,000,000
· 143,998 Sq Km
· $551 GDP Per Capita
· Stage 3 of the DTM
NB. All data is approx…read more

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When Was the flood?
· July ­ September 2004…read more

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Causes Of flooding - Physical
Low Lying Country:
· 70% of its land area being less than 1m above sea level.
· 80% of it being floodplain.
· Delta of Ganges, Megnha , Bramaputa & Jamuna river
Monsoon Climate: .
· In summer the EurAsian continental land mass warms up faster than the Indian Ocean. the warm air
rises creating a Low Pressure. Moist air blows from the relative High Pressure of ocean bringing rain.
This is the Monsoon.
· Most places in Bangladesh get over 1500mms of rainfall.
· In 2004 heavy rains in early June led to the Meghna flooding bursting its banks in north east Bangladesh
by early July.
· Further heavy rains caused flash flooding in the north on the Brahmaputra in July. The floods spread
and eventually impacted on the capital Dhaka in mid August.
· More intense thunderstorms in September in this event four days of heavy rain averaged 300mms a day
Snow Melt in Himalayas:
· Every summer the warming leads to snowmelt in the high Himalayan rivers and glaciers that feed the
major rivers like the Ganges and Brahmaputra that flow down to Bangladesh. T
· his snowmelt adds to the risk of flooding.
· Global warming has increased the rate of melting (human activity)…read more

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Causes of flooding ­Physical cont
Rivers: (ganges, Bramupta, Meghna & Jamuna)
· High compared to flood plain
· Confluence of all 4 rivers
· Large drainage basin
· About 30% of the country floods annually
· About 80% of Bangladesh is alluvial floodplain
· Bangladesh is very lowlying and flat with most of the country under 10 metres asl making it susceptible
to both river and sea flooding.…read more

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