Complete Analysis of Frankenstein's Narrative Structure

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Frankenstein: Narrative Structure
Chinese boxes one within the other descent into the deepest, darkest point of
the novel and humanity creature's rejection
Nonlinear, interlocking depend on each other to make sense (similar to Monster's
dependency on Victor)
Creature's narrative fills in gaps
Epistolary narrative frame narrator Walton's letters and conclusions
Aspects of parody overly sentimental, hyperbolic comments
Queststyle narrative includes elements of gothic and romantic
Enforces his own view of Victor as an adventurer
Unreliable but responsible for telling events both diegetic and extradiegetic
Embedded narrative Victor's story pt.1 and pt.2
Story designed to provide warning , events shaped by his voice for ultimate delivery of
Linear, bildungsroman structure interrupted by comments made in hindsight
Foreshadows ominous events "My dear friend Clerval", "When I look back, it
seems to me"
Suggests a temporary bond between both that will be severed by murder
Life presented as driven by force of destiny events given prophetic power in
retrospect "Man of great research" explains "electricity and galvanism" and thus
Victor states that "Destiny was too potent...(she) decreed my utter and terrible
Poignant speaks of events by referring to the past, personal responsibility
imbued "As a child, I...", "childish caprice"
Goal of narrative is also to persuade Walton to confront and ultimately destroy
creature (fails to do so)
Secondary embedded narrative Creature's narrative
Ultimate goal is to convince Victor to create a mate for him by assuming
Uses rhetoric , strong ability to reason discussion of Paradise Lost is almost
literary criticism persuasive
Speaks eloquently
Acknowledges superiority of Victor "my creator"

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