Competition for Coasts


  • Definition of coast
  • Key features of the coast
  • Problems facing the coast - a global picture
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AS Geography Revision 13th May 2010
Unit 2.1 ­ Introduction
Competition for Coasts
Coast definition:
"That part of the land most affected by its proximity to the sea and that part of the ocean
most affected by its proximity to the land"
The Coast:
Is a zone in transition (Dynamic)
The Coastline is the frontier between the sea and the land
The coast is made up of 2 zones either side of the coastline:
o Onshore: Extends up to 60km Inland
o Offshore: Reaches outer limited of the Economic Exclusion Zone (EEZ)
such as fishing and oil exports ­ 200 miles
Within that limit, the coastal state/country has rights over the natural resources of
the water as well as of the sea bed
The Coastal Zone:
Most populated part of the world
Contains many of the largest cities and manufacturing centres
The coastal zone is a battleground, not just between the land and sea, but
between competing land uses
The competition is creating development pressures that threaten the coast's
natural environment
Problems facing coasts ­ A global picture:
Europe's North Sea coasts vulnerable to floods
On Iran's coast, 6 million people live less than 1 metre above sea level
In Bangladesh, 11 million people live in areas which are subject to annual
monsoon floods and cyclones
Many attols in the South Pacific ocean have high ground
Regular hurricane threats along the east coast of the United States
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