Compass and Torch

I created and used this as part of my revision at GCSE.  Mindmap with all the key terms and quotes colour coded too.  Hope it's helpful.

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Referring to the father as a man shows the distance in their relationship. They're not close.
"He is watching the man, the way he strides to the gate." ­ Watching him to take in what his father is like. He is his idol.
Light/darkness ­ Show the limited happiness in the relationship
"Then he groans; I didn't bring a compass" ­ His fathers lack of effort
Filler words "Errr" or "Oh" ­ Show the fathers hesitation
The torch could signify that they can 'see' how they want their relationship to be but because they do not have the compass they
can't get there.
Theme of ­ Love, family and loss of
Compass ­ The sense of direction in
their relationship
No Compass ­ The loss of direction in
their relationship ­ Their relationship
is ending
The horse symbolises the mother and her worry and fear that his father isn't doing right for his son. As the son takes notice of the
horse it could mean his mother is still in his mind.
Green symbolises the wilderness
Bright Yellow ­ The limited happiness of the boy, and the hope.
Red ­ Oxymoron, danger of the ending to their relationship ­ warmth of the relationship
Grey ­ The dull like atmosphere
COMPASS ­ symbolises the loss of direction between the father and the son.

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The only name mentioned in the story is his step fathers. ­ Shows the importance of him towards the boy even though the boy
doesn't see it.
"There is no sign of the man and the boy" ­ The empty landscape symbolises no emotion and represents the dismissive and distant
relationship.…read more


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