Comparison of the Reds and Whites

Comparison of the Red and White armies during the Russian Civil War, based on leadership, unity, support, geographical factors, etc. 

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Why did the Reds win the Russian Civil War 1918-1921
Complete the grid using the information from pages 52 to 55 of the textbook.
Reds Whites
Aims Main aim: to stay in power and Different aims; the only thing
build a new Socialist society. uniting them was a hatred of the
Reds. Some wanted the Tsar
back, whereas some wanted a
dictator, etc.
Geographical factors Central area of western Russia; Scattered around the central
most of the factories that could area; not very close together.
churn out ammunition so had
the upper hand in terms of Because Russia's such a huge
weapons. They also seized the nation it was hard for them to
railway lines which connected communicate as well.
Petrograd to Moscow (two key
cities) and could send soldiers
and resources to any area
because of this. It was also
densely populated in
comparison to the rest of Russia
so more troops were available in
this area.
Leadership Lenin, and Trotsky; conscripted Kolchak in the east; Denikin
mandatory enlistment for men from the South, Yudenich from
over 18. 50000 ex-Tsarist the west. Often the commanders
officers were recruited, to lead were cruel and disrespectful to
the armies; however to keep the troops assigned to them,
their Tsarist aim in check, drinking and taking drugs and
fanatical Bolsheviks supervised setting an overall unhealthy
them, and if the Tsarist officers image and example.
disobeyed their families
possibly risked detainment.
He was ruthless and made it
extremely clear that any
deserters or surrendering
troops would be shot; however
he traveled to places in which
the fighting was hardest in a
special train with elite troops to
motivate those already fighting,
such as in the almost-doomed
battle for Petrograd.
Unity The Bolsheviks were extremely Mistrust was prevalent in the
united. As they shared one White armies, as although they
common aim between them, shared one common aim the
they were all fighting for the aims after that primary one was
same cause and cooperated achieved were very different
easily. Also they were led by from each other. Attacks were
fanatical Bolsheviks ­ political uncoordinated, allowing the
Commissars ­ which kept their Reds the chance to obliterate
aim running. Their leader, White armies division by
Trotsky, even traveled to areas division. There was often
of hard fighting to motivate the fighting and squabbling; some
soldiers. anti-Bolsheviks were still

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White ­
some were Tsarist supporters,
so conflict was rampant.
In addition to this, foreign
powers were tired of fighting in
the aftermath of WWI, and some
even mutinied refusing to fight
for the Russians.
Foreign intervention The Bolsheviks utilized no Although this was a Russian
foreign power, bound by civil war, the Whites allied with
Russian patriotism. Because the Britain, France, Japan, the USA,
Whites did, support fell in Red Finland and Czechoslovakia.…read more


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