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"food can often be associated with excess and wealth. compare two texts which reflect this."

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Food can often be associated with excess and wealth. Compare two texts which reflect this.
Text 29 Text 33
Structure and Repetition of `huge' in "huge ham and huge sirloin" "Feast" is always written with a capital letter
form emphasises wealth even more so because of the fact and is repeated a lot throughout the text,
that this is only his breakfast showing the importance of this meal which
suggests how rich the food is and how wealthy the
occasion is
Lexis Superlatives "coffee the very blackest" to show that Luxurious lexis- mentions a lot of high class food
the food is of the highest quality available and this "caviar and soupe a l'Oignon" suggests wealth as
suggests how good the food is and also connotes wealth this food is often associated with wealthy meals
as he can afford lots of the best food and drink and fine dining
Phonology "frizzling" "crispy bits of bacon" makes the food Onomatopoeia "shuffling" suggests the formality
sound more dynamic and hence more interesting, which of the situation because everyone at the meal is
suggests wealth trying to move in a quiet and orderly way
context Describes an archdeacon's `breakfast parlour' Describes a feast at Cambridge College, and was
suggesting the excess in which he lives as he has a written by an author who takes a satirical look
whole room devoted to just one meal of the day just at Cambridge life and traditions
for himself


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