Comparing Views Expressed about Global Warming

Here are some comparative views based on notes taken whilst watching the two contradictory films "11th Hour" and "The Great Global Warming Swindle". Relevant if you are studying English Specification B on the AQA syllabus, and your pre-release is based on global warming. It is useful to broaden your horizons, and know of arguments for and against, and this table shows one view, and its opposition from the other film.

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Nature is doing in effect $36 trillion of work. In the past, we have utilised the benefits of naturally occurring
Industry is responsible for about $18 trillion. wonders, such as the silk chemically produced by spiders. Indeed,
Therefore, nature does twice as much as the we continue to investigate `under the microscope' the
human economy all by itself. configurations of such things, so that in the future we, as a
Nature has adapted appropriately to create far developing race, will be able to capture nature's uses efficiently.
greater things than we could ever produce
artificially, and without incurring an immense
cost, e.g. a spider's web is far stronger than steel.
A survey showed that people could identify over Whilst this statistic may be true, it is not representative of the
1000 corporate logos, but only 10 species of fact that a person would still recognise an injured animal, but
animals/plants. nowadays would be more likely to know where to take it because
of the emblematic insignia (e.g. the RSPCA logo).
Whilst extinction is a natural process, we are There is absolutely no scientific or historical evidence to agree
provoking it. The way things are going, we are set with the idea that we as humans are aggravating the naturally
to lose to ½ of all species. occurring process of extinction. In addition, as time progresses,
as we lose one species, we discover another, or new ones
develop and adapt.
It is not just a case of tweaking a few policies. There is already an existing working-partnership between nature,
The real way forward is to redesign the world; to science and technology. What certain people now want to see is
produce a collaboration between nature, science an alliance that completely reforms human life, and incorporates
and technology. sustainability and eco-friendly styles of living to revolutionise a
completely new realm of industry.
th th th
It is not the `11 Hour'; it is the 11 hour, 59 There is no scientific evidence to suggest that there is a
minute and 59th second. correlation between temperature change and levels in CO2
content in the atmosphere. There is however a remarkably strong
link between the variations in solar output and those of the
global temperature. For this reason we can only predict how long
we have left to survive based on the evidence from the Sun itself,
which indeed will not "explode" for another 5 billion years.
The environment will survive, but humans will Modern humans developed over 200,000 years ago. Humans
not. have a highly developed brain; combined with an erect body
carriage, this has allowed humans to make far greater use of
tools than any other species. Humans have survived similar
events in history, and we will continue to do so in the future.
We are ultimately committing suicide ­ we as Human activity has not contributed nearly enough compared to
humans are to blame. the activities of the Sun.
Recreating a sustainable future is our only hope. We can continue to live our lives as we are now, the Sun is going
through a natural cycle that is not the fault of humans.
We have focused too heavily on our own Regardless of our "respect" for nature, we cannot majorly
economy, and hence there has been a lack of influence the activities of our planet's dramatic atmospheric
respect for nature. systems.
The main cause of global warming was the The main cause using historical evidence is the radiation from the
Industrial Revolution. Sun.
A few degrees is all that separates us from major The Sun is going through a natural cycle that has not been
catastrophic climate change. We are headed for influenced by humans in the slightest. There is no hard evidence
an atmosphere like Venus ­ 250°C and raining to suggest that our planet is changing to the extremes of any
H2SO4. other in our Solar System.
Every ecosystem in the biosphere is declining, New species of flora and fauna come and go as time develops ­
and there is no published evidence that there is plenty of historical evidence to prove this.
contradicts this.
The ocean has now simply become "unsafe" Water plays a pivotal rôle in the gradually increasing
because of human activity ­ we can expect temperatures on Earth. It is to do with the water vapour and the
stagnation to occur. radiation from the Sun. About 71% of the Earth's surface is
covered with water ­ the oceans are their own worst enemies.

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Deforestation leads to degradation of nutrient The severe weather occurrences are a result of a fluctuation in
cycles, which in turn leads to irregularities in the 11-year cycle that the Sun goes through.
global weather patterns.…read more


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