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Comparing the masses of atoms and
Since the masses of atoms are so small, it is much more convenient to compare their
We use the scale of Relative Atomic Mass (Ar)
Relative Atomic Mass (Ar)
The relative atomic mass (Ar) of an element is the average mass of an atom of that element
compared to one atom of
12 C = 12.000
Notice that there are no units since we are just comparing the masses.
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Calculate the relative molecular masses of:
a) Water H2O b) Propane C3H8
c) Sucrose C6H12O6 d) Oxygen O2
e) Potassium Sulphate K2SO4
f) Aluminium bromide AlBr3
Answers: 1. 8 2. 17 3a. 18 3b. 44 3c. 180
3d. 32 3e. 174 3f.…read more


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