Comparing poems table

A table in which you can fill out and compare different poems. Specifically for the 'Place' section in the aqa anthology, however you may be able to use it for different sections as well :)

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Poem 1: Poem 2:
What is the place? Give a brief
summary of how it is described.
Is the poem based on a personal
experience of this place?
What do you think is the poet's
purpose in presenting the place in
this way
Does the place prompt any
particular reflections from the
Form: What form does this poem
take? What effect does this have
on the poem?
Structure: How is the poem
organised? Are there any
differences between the stanzas?
Is there any change of tone? How
does it develop its ideas? Does it
use rhyme and rhythm? What is
the effect?
Language: What are the most
noticeable features of language in
the poem? (e.g. Metaphors,
similes, personification, sound
effects such as alliteration,
onomatopoeia, repetition). How
do these techniques contribute to
the way this place is presented?

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Comparison: What are the main
differences or similarities in the
ways these places are presented?…read more


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