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Comparing healthcare approaches: the UK and Cuba

UK Cuba

Type of health care National health service Socialised
Key characteristics Healthcare is a state Health care is a state provided
supported service public service
Physicians operate as solo Physicians are state employed
entrepreneurs and as Professional associations are
members of…

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waiting for admission to
NHS hospitals)
About 11% have private
health insurance. Private
GP services very small.
Most walk-in care
provided by GP practices
but also some walk-in
clinics and 24-hour NHS
telephone helpline.
Free ambulance service
and access to accident and
In patient care through GP
referral and…

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Advantages Using data and your own
knowledge, evaluate the
strategies and systems that have
been implemented


in addition, the Spec only requires for you to be able to compare 2 healthcare approaches in areas of
contrasting levels of development. However, as a Stella task, you may also like…


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