Comparing Healthcare Approaches: Cuba/UK

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Comparing healthcare approaches: the UK and Cuba
UK Cuba
Type of health care National health service Socialised
Key characteristics Healthcare is a state Health care is a state provided
supported service public service
Physicians operate as solo Physicians are state employed
entrepreneurs and as Professional associations are
members of professional weak or non-existent
associations, which are Facilities are wholly publicly
strong owned
Facilities are mainly Payments for services are
publicly owned entirely indirect
State's role in healthcare State's role in healthcare is
is central and direct total
Description of Introduced in 1948: "the Due to high infant mortality
approach (including essence of a satisfactory and low life expectancy Castro
public and private health service is that rich sought to reform its healthcare
provision) and poor are treated system using a socialised
alike" system with the target of
The government pays reaching the standards of a
directly for health care developed nation.
and finances the system "put a doctor on every block"
through general tax
Healthcare free at point of
delivery but charges for
prescription drugs (except
in Wales), ophthalmic
services and dental
services unless exempt.
Exemptions include
children, elderly, and
unemployed. About 85%
of prescriptions are
Physicians and nurses are
government employees
Patients have little
physician choice
Long waiting lists (some
have 750,000 people

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NHS hospitals)
About 11% have private
health insurance. Private
GP services very small.
Most walk-in care
provided by GP practices
but also some walk-in
clinics and 24-hour NHS
telephone helpline.
Free ambulance service
and access to accident and
In patient care through GP
referral and follow
contractual arrangements
between health
authorities, Primary Care
Trusts and the hospital.
Hospitals are
self-governing public
Measurements of Infant mortality rate = Infant mortality rate = 4.7 per
success: 4.…read more

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Advantages Using data and your own
knowledge, evaluate the
strategies and systems that have
been implemented
in addition, the Spec only requires for you to be able to compare 2 healthcare approaches in areas of
contrasting levels of development. However, as a Stella task, you may also like to research another
approach e.g. France.…read more


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