Compare and Contrast Approaches

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Biological Behaviourist Psychodynamic Cognitive Approach
Approach Approach Approach
Nomothetic laws Nomothetic laws Ideographic ­ unique Nomothetic laws
Lab (animals/humans) Lab (animals) Case Studies Lab (humans)
e.g. Selye's rats e.g. Skinner e.g. Little Hans e.g. Loftus & Palmer
*case study of Clive
Nature genes Nurture environment Interactionist Interactionist
e.g. aggression ­ e.g. aggression = e.g. aggression = Id & e.g. mental processes
Warrior gene model Orally fixated & environment
Useful Useful Useful Useful
Psychosurgery Systematic Dream Analysis RET
Invasive, fast DeSensitis. Noninvasive, slow Noninvasive, slowish
Adapted to modern Noninvasive, fast Historical Very Modern
X = negative effects Historical X = wrong interpretat. X = positive regard
Depression X = relapse Phobia Depression
Reductionist X Reductionist X Holistic Reductionist X
Biological Animalistic All factors Mechanistic
e.g. aggression = e.g. aggression = e.g. Id & fixations e.g. structure of
frontal lobe & genes learn, Skinner's schema processes
Deterministic X Deterministic X Deterministic X Free Will
Internal External Internal & External Thinking affect beh.
e.g. intelligence = e.g. intelligence = e.g. unconscious & e.g. change thinking
IGF2R gene imitate smart family fixations (irrational to rational)
Scientific Scientific Unscientific X Scientific
Lab (animals/humans) Lab (animals/humans) Case studies/Clinical Lab (humans)
Quantitative Quantitative interviews Quantitative
Ethics? Ethics? Qualitative Ethics?
e.g. Selye's rats e.g. Skinner & e.g. Little Hans & e.g. Loftus & Palmer
Bandura Anna O *case study of Clive


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