Compare and Contrast 2 MEDC Urban Areas of different sizes

Comparison table of 2 MEDC urban areas, compared London and Basingstoke, preparation for essay question for OCR paper

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Compare and Contrast 2 MEDC Urban Areas of Different sizes
Urban= characteristics of towns and cities, their size, density, environments and way of
General features are similar in most urban places for example dominance of buildings
and transport systems which causes an exclusion of the natural world, congestion and
higher levels of pollution
MEDC= More economically developed country
London Basingstoke
Population July 2012= 8,825,200 Population in 2011= 166,800
Largest metropolitan city in the Known as `roundabout city' because
UK and largest urban zone in the of vast number of roundabouts
Accounts for 12.5% of UK
Location Capital of England North-east Hampshire, in South
Located on the River Thames, central England, situated 48 miles
has been a major settlement for southwest of London
2 millennia.
Function Larger functions like city of Largely residential
finance, government Still has a regular market
headquarters, arts, commerce, Economic centre
education, entertainment,
fashion, healthcare, media,
research, development, tourism
Development Has happened over time Developed rapidly to accommodate
Development now occurring part of the London `overspill'
upwards and onto brownfield The expansion has absorbed much
sites of the surrounding farmland and
scattered housing
Layout Has an ancient core, the City of M3 acts as a buffer zone to the
introduction London retaining its medieval south of the town
square mile boundaries. The South Western Main Line
Fits to Hoyts sector model constrains the western expansion
Green belt is to the north and
north-east making it kite shaped,
roughly fitting to Hoyt's diagram.
Metropolitan villages close to the
town limits e.g. Popley, Hatch
Warren and Beggarwood
Nearby villages on the suburbs= Old
Basing, Overton, Bramley etc
Economic World's leading financial centre, UK headquarters of the AA, GAME,
5th largest city GDP in the world Motorola and SONY

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Other industries= drug manufacture,
IT, communication, insurance and
Commercial Key commercial areas e.g. Festival Place- economic and
Oxford Street, Westfields leisure
shopping centre
Transport Can support bigger networks Has cycle network to extending to
London Underground- 2nd longest Alton, Alresford and Reading
metro system in the world Closest international airport is 25
Cycling becoming popular miles away in Southampton
Largest airspace in the world- 8 Bus service provided by stagecoach
airports e.g.…read more

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Flagship schemes such as canary
wharf have given publicity to
potential of regeneration
Environment Pollution is greater due to Pressure to build outwards onto
industrial importance and farmland putting pressure on rural
amount of people- reduced by areas immediately beyond the
series of clean air acts, urban fringe
de-industrialisation and tougher Increased air pollution in industrial
controls on vehicle emissions estates
Congestion charges introduced Increased population has caused
easing congestion more affordable high rise flats to
Many green spaces e.g.…read more


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