Company Case Studies for BUS4

These companies cover the main issues raised in the syllabus

e.g. various strategies - market development, cost focus etc...

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Topic Company Data
Importer Euro-American Brands Typhoo, confectionary, honey etc.
Buys from Europe (mainly Germany, Austria and UK)
Since 1990's
Mission: grow product portfolio
Market leader in niche
Exporter Creation Food Company Taiwan-based ltd
Exports coffee to Asia
50 locations in Taiwan- best logistics in company
Looking to expand product range and locations (e.g. Beijing)
Since 1980
70% market share in coffee creamer
Monopoly Power Royal Mail Diversification ­ simply drop recycling service
The group own Royal Mail, Post office and parcel force
Regulated by postcomm to ensure uniform prices, entire UK service etc.
CSR is a big concern to them
Oligopoly Mazuma mobile 4 or 5 companies dominating the market
Pawnbrokers losing market share
Market is growing during the recession
Gives phones to underdeveloped countries
R+D Investment Apple Ipad launch in 2010
Patents expiring
Expenditure went from £50m to £430 in 2001
Stakeholder Tesco Supermarkets 2,300 stores in UK
Approach 30% market share (oligopoly)
Clubcard Rewards (customer loyalty)
Market research - CQT meetings (customer question time)
Price Reduction (economies of scale)
Local charity support (externalities)

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Shareholder John Lewis Partnership £151.3 million paid out in March 2010
Approach (15% of salary)
Profits dipped majorly in 2009, have risen in this year's accounts
Employs 68,000 people
International Topshop Opened store in NY in 2009
Location Also have stores in 100 other international locations incl.…read more

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Cost Focus ASDA Cost leaders
Price guarantee scheme
Minimise costs through bulk orders (EofS)
Turning off lights, avoiding being sued, shutting doors, rationalising bags and hangers
Differenciation Focus Dyson Uses cyclone technology instead of a bag
Constant R+D
Ball technology
Energy efficient motors
Millions spent protecting patents (Hoover sued for this in 1999)
Retrenchment BBC Began retrenchment in early 2010
2 radio stations shut down
Half f website shut down
Spending cuts on American programmes
Rivals need change to operate/compete…read more



This is brilliant - thanks! 


This is an excellent resource for students needing analysis of a number of businesses. The writer has selected businesses that are linked to particular strategies.

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My best friend in the whole wide world Zachary Brin showed me this page and thank god he did he saved my life !!!

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