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Community: Identity and Cohesion
Focus of this lesson:
To investigate whether greater efforts
are needed to make Britain develop a
better sense of community and
Write down this key term:
Community Cohesion ­
people sharing a sense of
belonging and community
identity.…read more

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Community: Identity and Cohesion?
One of the main questions we will be looking at whether greater efforts should
be made in Britain to develop a sense of community and identity, and, if so,
what forms these might take.
Study the on this slide. What
images show:
·People helping each other in
their communities?
·Scenes of confrontation or
possible areas of
·People working together and
enjoying their community?…read more

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The Notting Hill Carnival:
Community Cohesion?
(2005 Notting Hill Carnival)
Watch the above video clip. What can you learn about
community cohesion from this clip?…read more

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Community Cohesion?
The Notting Hill Carnival as we know it
today, didn't use to be a celebration of
community cohesion! Instead it used
to be a place where deep racial
tensions existed. British people
thought that Black people entered
Britain to take their jobs. However,
labour shortages after WW2 meant
that many people from the British
Commonwealth, were invited by the
British Government to settle in Britain
and fill the shortage in the labour
market (many of whom fought for
Britain in the war). However, it was
not The Race Relations Act of 1976
Notting Hill Riot 1958 made it illegal for an employer to treat a person less favourably because of
v=1PsNmTB4LEA&feature=related their race colour, nationality or ethnic
origin.…read more

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Community Cohesion?
Listen to the father of one of the Listen to the sister of one of the
victims of the London Bombings. victims of the London Bombing.
Explain the father's feelings towards Explain the sister's feelings?
the Bombing? v=FQL0AuOT_ok&feature=related
v=ogwcKTgaE1U&feature=fvsr…read more

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Memorial Service for the Victims of
the London Bombing
As you listen to the memorial service ­
what messages of comfort and hope do
they contain?
London Bombings: July 2005 -
yhEgqDvuxs…read more

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