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Syeda Kazmi Candidate Number: 2138
Communication Skills AO2
The care setting that I did my placement in was the reception class in Ariana Primary school.
The classroom teacher is Miss Noor (changed name for confidentiality.)Upon entering the
classroom, the carpet area can be immediately seen due to the colourful carpet that
contains 30 animal faces (5 elephants, 5 monkeys, 5 pandas, 5 lions and 5 giraffes) and each
infant sits on the face allocated to them. There are 5 group tables each seating 6 children
and a separate work area is also set up for 2 special needs children. These tables are where
the children carry out activities. Next to the door there is a large storage cabinet mounted
wall cabinet where the resources and the arts and crafts materials are kept. This is covered
by a curtain on which the days of the weeks are sewn in large letters. There is a walk- in
interconnecting area that is used by both reception classes and contains a cloak room a sink
and a set of tables that are set up for Pathways (for SEN) and group work. The wall running
parallel to the door has windows which are half covered by the months of the years and each
infant birthday. A home corner is set up in the far left hand side of the classroom and has
toy cooking ingredients, both animal and human puppets, and a separate doll house with
accessories. The right side of the classroom has a comfy book corner where the children sit
on the rug and listen to the teacher read. The whiteboard wall has a literacy board that has
the alphabet which are merged in an object or an animal and the various colours name. The
numeracy board has number bonds in the shape of dinosaurs and simple addition examples.
Also, a large 1-50 number line in apple shapes is stuck around the whole room. The
whiteboard has a medium-sized visual timetable with the routine of the day, the date and a
thought of the day that is changed regularly.
Tone is an indicator to what an individual is feeling or thinking when a message is said. In a
health, social care and early years care setting it is important that different tones are used as
the conversation would be very boring if a monotone is used. The tone of the
communicator is the key to that the person speaking is feeling. For example, a soft tone
conveys that the communicator is feeling relaxed whereas a harsh tone conveys disapproval.
However, one tone may have different meaning, as a soft tone may also imply menace and
make the receiver feel scared, and a harsh tone can signal warning.
In my placement, I observed the care worker Miss Grande used a change in the tone of her
voice. She reprimanded an infant who was running around the classroom with scissors facing
outwards. Instead of using the clap signal that is usually used to ask the children to stop
what are doing, Miss Grande called out the infant name in a harsh tone and the infant froze.
After taking the scissors out of the infant's hand, she took the child to the corner of the
room and spoke to him in a softer tone to make sure he knew what he had done was
wrong. It was important that the infant was stopped as other infant would have been
seriously hurt if a collision occurred. The value of care keeping the children safe and
maintaining a healthy environment can be seen as if Miss Grande had not realised what the
infant was doing then the environment for learning would have been disrupted as a casualty
would have been inevitable.


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