Common Spanish GCSE Verbs

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Abrir - to open
Aburrirse- to get bored
Acompañar - to accompany
Cerrar- to close
Chatear- to chat
Coger- to catch/take
Crear- to create
Dar- to give
Decider - to decide
Encontrar- to find
Entrar- to enter
Escaper- to escape
Escribir- to write
Escuchar- to listen
Esperar- to wait
Estar- to be
Hablar- to speak
Hacer- to do
interesarse por/en - to be interested in
inviter- to invite
ir - to go
ir al cine- to go to the cinema
ir al teatro- to go to the theatre
ir de excursion- to go on a trip
ir de paseo- to go for a walk
jugar- to play
leer- to read
mandar- to send
poner- to put
practicar- to practise
reír- to laugh
salir- to go out
saltar- to jump
ser- to be
tener- to have
terminar- to finish
tirar- to throw
tocar- to touch
Utilizar- to use
Visitar- to visit
Almorzar ­ to have lunch
Aparcar ­ to park
Arreglar ­ to tidy/sort out
ayudar ­ to help
alquilar- to rent/hire
acostarse- to go to bed
afeitarse ­ to shave
buscar- to look for
bailar ­ to dance
bajar de ­ to get off / out of
bajar ­ to go down

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­ to celebrate
chocar con ­ to collide with
cenar ­ to dine / have dinner
cerrar ­ to close
cambiar ­ to change
cantar ­ to sing
cruzar ­ to cross
comprar ­ to buy
cocinar ­ to cook
contra ­ to count
comprobar ­ to check
coger to catch (bus, train etc.…read more

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­ to try on
quedarse ­ to stay / remain
quitarse ­ to take clothes off
reservar ­ to reserve / book
reparar ­ to repair
sacar ­ to take (photos)
terminar ­ to end
tocar ­ to pay music
tomar ­ to consume
trabajar ­ to work
viajar ­ to travel
aprender ­ to learn
beber ­ to drink
conducer ­ to drive
dormer ­ to sleep
decider ­ to decide
hacer ­ to do / make
poder ­ to be able
preferir ­…read more


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