Commitee Chairmen

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Role of Committee Chairman
Powers of the Committee Chairman:
· controls the committee's budget
· influence membership
· spokesperson on the committee's policy area
· control agenda eg pigeonholing legislation or rewriting it
· decide when the committee meets etc
· Less powerful in the Senate result of unrestricted debate and the ability of
minority to block legislation however, can still be influential, eg Max Baucus in
passing healthcare reforms 200910
Criticism of the Committee Chairman
· The "Seniority" rule who ever has been there the longest gets to be the
Chairman of the Committee
· However:
· This means they are often out of touch with what people want they have been a
member for so long they use their own values which may differ from today's
· Does not always mean they are the best qualified
· Can become too old to run it nicknamed the "senility" rule
· Could start to run it themselves and constituents ie only benefiting one part of
· Can easily become part of iron triangles become well known to pressure
groups if there for a long time
· Since 1970s secret ballots taken to appoint committee chairmen
· Imposing term limits 6 years in 1994
· Intervening in proceedings to ensure favourable outcome


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