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Teacher Support Meeting

A Level Sociology
Feedback on A2

Unit 3 Commentaries

Version 1
Autumn 2010

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Version 1.0 Spring Summer 2010

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AQA retains the copyright on all its publications. However, the registered centres
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with the important following exception: AQA cannot give permission to centres to…

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Candidate A 4

Candidate B 7

Candidate C 11

Candidate D 13

Candidate E 16

Candidate F 20

Candidate G 23

Candidate H 26

Candidate J 29

Candidate K 32


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Candidate A

Question 01

The candidate writes quite a lengthy response to this question ­ more than they needed.
Their first identification starts on line 5 about the charismatic leader and continues through
to line 7. This point is then satisfactorily explained in the final two lines of the…

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to categorise sects and cults as New Religious Movements. This does not really help their

Paragraph 5 sums up, reaching a conclusion that sects and cults are on the way to replacing
churches. No further evidence is offered to support this conclusion.

Summary: The candidate has presented a modest…

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Summary: The candidate has struggled with this question. Their level of knowledge and
understanding of relevant material is not sufficient to sustain a full debate. Much of the
answer is generalised, assertive or simply limited in terms of insights.

A01: The knowledge and understanding here are limited. There are isolated…

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Candidate B

Question 01

This candidate has a much briefer style to their answers. This is where one has to ask "Do
they do enough?" On the first identification on dedication there is a clear and sufficient
explanation. 1 + 2

The second identification is about when the leader…

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Paragraph 6 raises yet more evaluative issues about sects and cults and their longevity or
lack of it. Again the material is unpacked a little to consider how this would affect the issues
raised by the question.

Paragraph 7 draws the answer to a conclusion. There are no really new…

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about age and belief. Paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 show an understanding of a range of relevant

Paragraph 6 starts some evaluation. The candidate presents some criticisms of evidence on
attendance statistics, religiosity, etc. Concepts such as `believing not belonging' and
`vicarious religions' are used and understood.

Paragraph 7…

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