Commentary on the model Answers, Beliefs in society

this is the commentary on what the examiner said on the model answers above. hope it helps!

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Teacher Support Meeting
A Level Sociology
Feedback on A2
Unit 3 Commentaries
Version 1
Autumn 2010

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Version 1.0 Spring Summer 2010
© Assessment and Qualifications Alliance.
AQA retains the copyright on all its publications. However, the registered centres
of AQA are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use,
with the important following exception: AQA cannot give permission to centres to
photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use
within in the centre.
Set and published by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance.…read more

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Candidate A 4
Candidate B 7
Candidate C 11
Candidate D 13
Candidate E 16
Candidate F 20
Candidate G 23
Candidate H 26
Candidate J 29
Candidate K 32
3…read more

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Candidate A
Question 01
The candidate writes quite a lengthy response to this question ­ more than they needed.
Their first identification starts on line 5 about the charismatic leader and continues through
to line 7. This point is then satisfactorily explained in the final two lines of the paragraph.
1 + 2
The second identification is around exclusivity ­ but the point is never satisfactorily
explained. 1 + 0
The third identification is about members having children.…read more

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New Religious Movements. This does not really help their
Paragraph 5 sums up, reaching a conclusion that sects and cults are on the way to replacing
churches. No further evidence is offered to support this conclusion.
Summary: The candidate has presented a modest response to the question set. There is
evidence of relevant knowledge and understanding, but this is neither deep nor extensive.
A02 skills are evident, but again only at a modest level.…read more

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Summary: The candidate has struggled with this question. Their level of knowledge and
understanding of relevant material is not sufficient to sustain a full debate. Much of the
answer is generalised, assertive or simply limited in terms of insights.
A01: The knowledge and understanding here are limited. There are isolated and
disjointed statements about religion and/or science but there is little evidence that the
candidate fully understands the debates or the material needed to respond to the question.…read more

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Candidate B
Question 01
This candidate has a much briefer style to their answers. This is where one has to ask "Do
they do enough?" On the first identification on dedication there is a clear and sufficient
explanation. 1 + 2
The second identification is about when the leader dies. There was a debate at pre
standardisation.…read more

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Paragraph 6 raises yet more evaluative issues about sects and cults and their longevity or
lack of it. Again the material is unpacked a little to consider how this would affect the issues
raised by the question.
Paragraph 7 draws the answer to a conclusion. There are no really new points here but
there is a useful summary of key points that the candidate believes make their case. The
conclusion is reasonably well put.…read more

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Paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 show an understanding of a range of relevant
Paragraph 6 starts some evaluation. The candidate presents some criticisms of evidence on
attendance statistics, religiosity, etc. Concepts such as `believing not belonging' and
`vicarious religions' are used and understood.
Paragraph 7 offers more evaluative material. The concepts of resacrilisation and
disengagement are used in arguments to show that religion has not died.
Paragraph 8 provides yet more evaluation, this time focusing on issues that science cannot
explain.…read more

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10…read more


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