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c hi sm
An a r
t i v i st
o l lec
C…read more

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Collectivist Anarchism
Philosophical roots lie in socialism
Collectivism = belief in human beings as social
animals, better suited to working together for
the common good over self interest
Stresses human capacity for social solidarity
Anarchists have often worked with a broad
revolutionary socialist movement…read more

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A system of fair and equitable exchange, in which
individuals or groups bargain with one another, trading
goods and services without profiteering or exploitation
Social solidarity justifies various forms of cooperative
Proudhon's libertarian socialism stands between the
individualist and collectivist traditions of anarchism
Proudhon believed mutualism would establish a system of
property ownership that would avoid exploitation and
promote social harmony
Social interaction in this system would be voluntary,
mutually beneficial and harmonious, thus requiring no
regulation or interference by government…read more

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Anarchism only developed in its own right as a
form of anarcho-syndicalism
Syndicalism= form of revolutionary trade
Syndicalist Theory drew on socialist ideas and
advanced crude notion of class war…read more

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Private property is theft ­ represents exploitation of workers
Private property encourages selfishness
Inequality in the ownership of wealth leads to greed and
resentment = social disorder
Highly optimistic beliefs in human nature ­ Kropotkin's view of
`mutual aid' used Darwin's theory as a biological foundation for
social solidarity
Kropotkin argued that while mutual aid had flourished in city-
states of Ancient Greece and Medieval Europe it had been
subverted by competitive capitalism, the further evolution of
human species
Admire small, self-managing communities
Communes based on the principles of sharing and collective
Popular self-government is the only form acceptable…read more

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