Collectivisation- AS russian history Edexcel

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Traditionally peasants worked on small farms with lil tech
Stalin plan to merge them & collectivise
Farm as 1 unit
One acre could be kept for themselves
Quota had to be met then sell surpluses
State provided things that would modernise production
Quotas of grain which state sold to towns
50-100 households put together-land & animals combined
Liquidation of the Kulaks- Dec 1929
Dekulakisation- taking their resources
Loss of independence
Peasants rebelled , destroying grain & livestock rather than giving it to the communists
Collectivisation Stops- March 1930
`dizzy with success'- Pravda
Kulak's & families shot/ exiled to Siberia
Chaos in agriculture
Collectivisation resumed ­ 1931
Unrealistic goals
Severe punishment for sabotage & failure to meet targets
All grain confiscated
Internal offers of aid rejected
Famine- 10 mil dead- grain sat in barn rotting
How were collective farm workers paid?
No wages
`work days'
End of year profits divided according to the number of workdays
Little profit= relied on produce in private plots
MTS stations
Machine tractor stations
Hired & maintained machinery
Had a political department to spy on peasants & ensure order


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