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Cold War
The Grand Alliance:
America Russia
Large size Large Size
Capitalist Communist
Freedom Equality
America and Russia disagree on ideology ­ a set of ideas.

The Breakdown of the Grand Alliance:

Between 1943 and 1945, the leaders of the Grand Alliance met at three international conferences to
make future…

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The Potsdam Conference July 1945

Changes happened: FDR died and Churchill replaced ­ Stalin, Truman, Attlee, (Truman hated
communism with a passion). USSR occupied E. Europe. Stalin refused to demilitarise the Red Army.
America successfully tested the Atomic bomb (Stalin furious he had not been told yet)
without a…

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Stalins Takeover of Eastern Europe:
Became a satellite state (officially independent but is controlled by another country)
Dollar Imperialism- expanding Americas empire by using money.
Cominform 1947:
Communist Information Bureau
Stick policy
Across Europe and international.
Eastern Europe government refused to accept that Marshall Aid.
Coniform consolidated the power of…

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Warsaw Pact:
Stalin saw NATO as an aggressive alliance .
In 1955, USSR set up rival organisation.
Military alliance of 8 nations.
Members were to supports each other if attacked.
Joint command structure set up under Soviet.
Supreme Commander.

In 1953 Stalin died and this caused Hungary to uprise…

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The Berlin Wall:
In 1961 America had 20 times more nuclear weapons than the USSR.
Kennedy's refused to retreat is called Khrushchev's Bluff forcing him to back down.
Khrushchev couldn't get Americans to leave West Berlin but he had to solve the refugee problem.
So he built a wall dividing…

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The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia:
Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia on the evening of 20 August 1968.
Dubcek ordered the people not to respond and panic.
There was a great deal of non-violent civil disobedience.
Many people stood in front of the tanks holding signs and banners.
Consequences of the…


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