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November - December Tehran Conference Allies meet to discuss the uniting against Nazis and
1943 strategy of doing so. They also officially recognise
Iran's independence.
February 1945 Yalta Conference Allies decide that after war, they will split Germany
into 4 zones (German defeat in May 1945) Included…

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August 1949 Soviet Goes Nuclear The Soviet Union successfully tests the atomic bomb -
this effectively ends détente
October 1949 Communist China China officially claims its Communist membership via
Mao Zedong's leadership. Communist forces are now
much stronger.
June 1950 Korean Invasion North Korea invades South Korea, starting the Korean…

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October 1961 Checkpoint Charlie Stare down between Soviet tanks and American ones
causes tension between superpowers.
December 1961 Coming Out Fidel Castro openly declares his, and Cuba's,
October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis Soviet ships with missiles are met halfway to Cuba by
Americans - the closest they came to…

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January 1981 Reagan Elected Ronald Reagan is elected President of the United
States. Most other countries think he is a joke. He's
also strongly opposed to détente.
November 1982 Brezhnev Dies Leonid Brezhnev dies, and Yuri Andropov replaces him
as head of the Soviet Union.
March 1983 SDI Reagan proposes…


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