Cold War Timeline

A pretty much all-encompassing timeline detailing the Cold War, right up until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 :)

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November - December Tehran Conference Allies meet to discuss the uniting against Nazis and
1943 strategy of doing so. They also officially recognise
Iran's independence.
February 1945 Yalta Conference Allies decide that after war, they will split Germany
into 4 zones (German defeat in May 1945) Included
Stalin, Truman and Churchill. Stalin was ordered to not
take over Poland with Communist rule.
August 1945 Atomic Warfare United States first used atomic bomb against Japan, in
Hiroshima and then Nagasaki three days later, in
retaliation to Pearl Harbor bombing.
14 August 1945 End Of WWII Japanese surrender to Allies and WWII ends.
July - August 1945 Potsdam Conference Organises division and reconstruction of Germany,
they also decide to split Berlin into 4 zones as well.
This is just after the end of WWII.
February 1946 Long Telegram George F. Kennan writes the Long Telegram to USA
with `intelligence' about Soviet intentions and
March 1946 Iron Curtain Winston Churchill makes his famous speech about the
`Iron Curtain' descending over Eastern Europe. "From
Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron
curtain has descended across the Continent." "All are
subject in one form or another, not only to Soviet
influence but to a very high and, in many cases,
increasing measure of control from Moscow."
March 1947 Truman Doctrine Truman offers monetary and military aid to Greece
and Turkey to prevent the spread of Communism in
those countries (Official doctrine is signed in April
June 1947 Marshall Plan American President Truman introduces a scheme to
give money to European countries in order to rebuild
themselves, in return for loyalty.
February 1948 Communist Takeover The Communist Party takes over in Czechoslovakia.
June 1948 Berlin Blockade Stalin orders a blockade of West Berlin so they are cut
off from trade links etc, so the Allies organise the
Airlift to get the required supplies into Western
April 1949 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is formed by
Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the
United Kingdom, and the United States, in order to
resist Communism.
May 1949 Blockade Ends Soviet blockade around Berlin ends because Stalin
realises that it is essentially pointless, which the
success of the airlifts.
May 1949 Bizonia Merges All the Allies' sections of Germany merge together to
provide additional support to each other.

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August 1949 Soviet Goes Nuclear The Soviet Union successfully tests the atomic bomb -
this effectively ends détente
October 1949 Communist China China officially claims its Communist membership via
Mao Zedong's leadership. Communist forces are now
much stronger.
June 1950 Korean Invasion North Korea invades South Korea, starting the Korean
war. This war would be a very important cornerstone
in the Cold War - the UN send forces there and
support the non-Communist South Korea, via funding
and intelligence.…read more

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October 1961 Checkpoint Charlie Stare down between Soviet tanks and American ones
causes tension between superpowers.
December 1961 Coming Out Fidel Castro openly declares his, and Cuba's,
October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis Soviet ships with missiles are met halfway to Cuba by
Americans - the closest they came to war. Kennedy
removes missiles from Turkey in return for peace.…read more

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January 1981 Reagan Elected Ronald Reagan is elected President of the United
States. Most other countries think he is a joke. He's
also strongly opposed to détente.
November 1982 Brezhnev Dies Leonid Brezhnev dies, and Yuri Andropov replaces him
as head of the Soviet Union.
March 1983 SDI Reagan proposes the Strategic Defence Initiative,
which was America basically ignoring previous treaties
and putting more missiles into space etc.
February 1984 Chernenko Appointed Konstantin Chernenko is appointed Head of the Soviet
State.…read more


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