Cold War Timeline

Events of the Cold war

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Cold War Time Line
1943 The Teheran Conference
1945, February The Yalta Conference
1945, 12 April Roosevelt died, replaced by Harry Truman
1945, May End of second world war
1945, July Churchill replaced by Clement Attlee
1945, 16 July Americans exploded their first atomic bomb
1945, 17 July ­ August The Potsdam Conference
1945 Churchill sends troops into Greece to stop communists
1946, March Churchill makes his `iron curtain' speech at Foulton, Missouri
1946 The Long Telegram, written by George Kennan
1946 The Novikov Telegram
1946 Stalin complains about British troops in Greece, communists try to take
1947, 24 February US take over Greece from Britain
1947, March Truman creates the Truman Doctrine
1947, October Stalin sets up Cominform (Communist Information Bureau)
1947, December London Conference, Russia not present
1948, January Stalin stops western literature in the soviet zone of Germany
1948, March Communists take over Czechoslovakia
1948, March Marshall Aid is offered by USA
1948, April French zone is added to bizonia, becomes trizonia
1948, 1 June Bizonia is renamed West Germany and create a single government
1948, 23 June A new currency is introduced in West Germany, causes chaos in the
Russian zone.
Stalin closes all road, rail and canal links between west Berlin and West
1948, 24 June Berlin Blockade begins
1949, April NATO is set up
1949, 12 May Berlin Blockade ends
1949, 29 August USSR successfully explodes its first atomic bomb
1949, October Soviet Germany becomes the German Democratic Republic
1949 Stalin sets up Comecon, (council for mutual economic assistance, opposite
to Marshall Aid)
1950's Mutually Assured defence, both sides know an attack on the other would
be like suicide
1952, 1 November US detonates their first H-2 bomb
1953, 5 March Stalin dies, Khrushchev replaces him
1953, August Soviets detonate a H-2 bomb
1953 Eisenhower replaces Truman as president
1955 Khrushchev creates the Warsaw Pact, Soviet response to NATO
1956, February Khrushchev gives a speech denouncing Stalin
1956 Leader of Hungary Rakosi is replaced by Gero after Khrushchevs' speech
1956, 23 October Student demonstration in Hungary, statue of Stalin is pulled down.
Imre Nagy takes over Hungary
The soviet army is withdrawn from Hungary at Nagy's request.
1956, 3 November Nagy plans to leave the Warsaw Pact
1956, 4 November Khrushchev can't accept that and Soviet troops return to Budapest

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Nagy escapes to the Yugoslavian Embassy, executed in 1958
1957, May USSR develops the first ICBM
1957, 4 October USSR launch sputnik
1958, January USA puts a satellite into orbit
1959, May Summit meeting in Geneva, US and USSR foreign ministers
1959, September Summit meeting at Camp David, Eisenhower and Khrushchev
1959 Fidel Castro overthrows Batista to rule Cuba
1959 USA develops ICBMs and Polaris Missiles to be fired from submarines
1960, Gary Powers and his U-2 spy plane is shot down
1960, May Summit…read more

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Khrushchev and Kennedy signed a Nuclear Test Ban treaty, banning tests
of nuclear weapons but not the development of them.…read more

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October Demonstrations in East German cities as Gorbachev visits, does not send
in Soviet tanks
1989, November East Germans march to checkpoints in the Berlin wall and the Wall is
1989, November Huge demonstrations in Czechoslovakia, Czech borders open to west and
allow other parties to be formed
1989, December Romanian revolution, communist dictator executed.…read more


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