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Cold War Time Line

1943 The Teheran Conference
1945, February The Yalta Conference
1945, 12 April Roosevelt died, replaced by Harry Truman
1945, May End of second world war
1945, July Churchill replaced by Clement Attlee
1945, 16 July Americans exploded their first atomic bomb
1945, 17 July ­ August…

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Nagy escapes to the Yugoslavian Embassy, executed in 1958
1957, May USSR develops the first ICBM
1957, 4 October USSR launch sputnik
1958, January USA puts a satellite into orbit
1959, May Summit meeting in Geneva, US and USSR foreign ministers
1959, September Summit meeting at Camp David, Eisenhower and…

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1963 Khrushchev and Kennedy signed a Nuclear Test Ban treaty, banning tests
of nuclear weapons but not the development of them.
1962-63 France left NATO
1963, 22 November Kennedy is assassinated, Lyndon B Johnson replaces him
1964, 14 October Leonid Brezhnev takes over as leader of the USSR
1967 Alexander…

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1989, October Demonstrations in East German cities as Gorbachev visits, does not send
in Soviet tanks
1989, November East Germans march to checkpoints in the Berlin wall and the Wall is
1989, November Huge demonstrations in Czechoslovakia, Czech borders open to west and
allow other parties to be formed…


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