Cold war tensions improved

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June 1940-Roosevelt became wary of the increasing threat of the Germans and
so made diplomatic moves to improve relations between the Soviets and US.
Series of negotiations took place in Washington between Ambassador
Constantine Oumansky and Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles.
But, Welles refused Soviet demands that the US should recognise the
changed borders of the Soviet Union after Soviet seizure of territory in
Finland, Poland and Romania
Jan 1941-US government lifted trade embargo on Soviet goods
March 1941-Welles warned Oumansky of a future Nazi attack and within months
it came true
June 1941-Nazi's launched an attack into Soviet. Stalin knew they wouldn't be
able to survive without US economic aid against the Nazi military machine
October 1941-Saw the first $9.5 Billion of Lend-Lease aid reach the USSR. A few
months later the US joined the war
February 1945-Yalta Conference was hailed at the time. Roosevelt described
the relationship between him and Stalin as "that of family." Stalin also said he
believed that their peace relations would continue after the war. Stalin also
agreed with Britain that the French should have an occupation zone in Germany
(because Britain felt they couldn't sustain it alone). Yalta was largely successful
in comparison to Potsdam whereby wartime loyalties didn't carry much weight
But, Yalta opened up an atmosphere of suspicion. It was immediately
hailed around the world but gave little hint of the denunciations it would
later attract
10 Sept 1946-Greek communists launch Civil war against royalists. Russia steps
out from conflict due to promises to Britain


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