Cold War Star Wars

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Cold War- Star Wars
· USSR- fear of USA having technological superiority- USSR
"scared of computers"
· Standard of living low in the USSR- constant shortages
· Gorbachev- Brezhnev puts him in charge of agriculture
· Constantly introducing new nuclear weapons
· Reagan- opposed to MAD?
· SDI- began a new phase in the Arms Race
· Thatcher disliked it- supporter of MAD
· Andropov was threatened by this
· Monitored every aspect of life in the West carefully
· Arms controls talks broken off
· USSR believed that they were under imminent attack
· "If they want peace, they can have it!" Reagan
· Russian leaders- ill and frail
· 1985, Gorbachev becomes leader of USSR, young and
energetic compared to others
· Thatcher- likes Gorbachev- "He is a man with whom we can
do business"
· Gorby- well liked and received by USSR people- "We can't go
on like this anymore"
· G's perestroika and glasnost
· Wants to overcome East West conflict
· Took Thatcher to convince Reagan to talk with him
· Geneva Summit:
· First international summit in 6 years
· Arms controls, human rights, Afghanistan- issues discussed
· Long personal talks together at first
· Divided by SDI
· Both had passionate views- led to a shouting match
· No major agreement- but established a personal rapport
· Calls for another summit postponed
· Cold War marched on and got more dangerous
· 1986- Chernobyl nuclear explosion- highlighted Soviet
incompetence and increased a need for a deal
· Reykjavik- 2nd Summit
· Wanted to reach arms deal- Zero Option- rid of all nuclear
· Gorbachev wanted to re examine to it to free up resources
· Fails to come to an agreement- Reagan refused to give up
SDI but v close to agreements
· Not a failure- intellectual breakthrough
· Thatcher- shocked by Zero Option

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Media and technogoly- opening up USSR- 1986 Goodwill
Games broadcast live
· Live interview with Thatcher on Soviet TV
· Glasnost bought pop culture to Soviet youth- moral
degradation viewed as
· USSR plunged into change
· Gorbachev- "made the fear disappear"- allowed people of
USSR freedom
· Washington 1987
· Reagan allowed SDI- b/c G realised he wasn't giving it up
and desperate for agreement
· Reached major agreement- INF Treaty- first arms reduction
· Entire class of Nws abolished (Cruise/Pershings.…read more


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