Cold war reasons

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Jan 1918 `14 Points' dedicated March 1918 `Treaty of Communist Manifesto Stalin-enormously Stalin's post-war aims were
to self-determination of all Brest-Litovsk' which Karl Marx 1848 feared as well as widely security for himself, his regime
people pulled Russians out of Stalin believed an worshipped and his country and ideology
1917-21 Allied countries sent war economic crisis like the Stalin-shrewd, Stalin sought to make sure no
soldiers to fight Bolsheviks 1919-Bolshevik govt Great Depression would manipulative, practically international threats to his
soldiers failed to honour debts return and capitalists minded, effective personal rule
July 1940- negotiations with owed to West by previous would have no option administrator, ruthless Stalin wouldn't let the
USSR but US denied USSR govts but to turn to Stalin sought to interests of the communists
seizure of Finland, Poland & 1919-43-Comintern communism dominate the continent around the world take
Romania raised tensions due to Stalin's Domestic Policy: as thoroughly as Hitler precedent
1942-Roosevelt promised encouraging rise of industrialisation, sought to do Stalin wanted to strengthen
Soviet that allies would launch communism collectivisation of Stalin's vision was Soviet influence
attack in Europe but never 1938-USSR angered at agriculture, systematic flawed as failed to take Germanys defeat was the first
happened attempts of appeasement use of terror, heavy into account evolving priority to Stalin and so he
1943-Roosevelt again promised between allies and censorship and US objectives welcomed the D-Day landings
invasion of Europe to Soviets Germany propaganda Roosevelt: energetic, Stalin wanted countries in
but it never happened 1939-Non-aggression pact Countries Soviet would enthusiastic, optimistic, Europe to act as a defence
1944-Roosevelt again promised with Germany take would abide by liberal attitude barrier
invasion but in June. Stalin was 1941-Nazis launched communist practises USA also wanted security but
annoyed it was so far away and attack against Soviet who Stalin's democratic view unsure of how to get it
withdrew ambassadors from knew they wouldn't of Poland was different Roosevelt had 4 wartime aims
Washington. Fears he would survive without US from Roosevelt's sustain allies (UK, USSR,
start his own peace treaty with economic support USA wanted to spread China), secure allied
Hitler Aug 1944-Soviet refused liberalism and co-operation on shaping post
to help Polish Home Army democracy but made no war settlement to secure

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March 1945-US and British during Warsaw uprising effort in first decade of lasting peace, new collective
officials excluded Soviets from against British & independence security organisation have
secret negotiations in effort to American wishes US practises were power to deter and punish
secure surrender of Germans in 1945-Soviet dominance of isolationist aggression and have a global
Italy Eastern and Central Roosevelt's propaganda economic system equipped for
US was scared of USSR joining Europe was a military fact was "fighting for another crisis, settlement
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West 4000 Polish officers at
Germany which led to Katyn
establishment of West German Stalin produced a speech
state in June.…read more

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