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Miriam Schechter

How did the Cold War Develop? 1943-56
The Origins of the cold war
The Cold War was a period in superpower relations between 1945 and 1991 when there was deep mistrust
between the major capitalist (USA) country and the major communist (USSR) country. The hostility never
expressed itself…

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The Teheran Conference November1943
First conference of the Big Three ­ Russia, USA, Britain - Stalin, FDR, Churchill
Roosevelt was keen to improve relations between the allies, collectively named as the Grand Alliance
Stalin got most of what he wanted - Roosevelt unwell & sided with Stalin instead…

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Who was to blame for the Cold War?
Cold, harsh and determined to spread the evil of communism as far as possible
Refused to allow free elections
Set up Soviet controlled communist governments in E. Europe
However this ignores Soviet concerns:
Twice Russia had been invaded and suffered enormous…

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The early cold War 1945-47
Why did the Soviet Union expand?
Memory of what happened 1918-39
Most countries had been hostile to the USSR during the interwar year
Poland signed a non-aggressive pact with France during WW2
Hungary & Romania fought with Germany against the USSR
Percentages Deal
Stalin and…

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USA's Loans and Aid
The Truman Doctrine
March 1947 Truman began the policy of containment because:
- Truman believed that the USSR was trying to spread communism
- The USA had the atom bomb and wanted to use it together with their superior economic
strength, to put pressure on the…

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The Berlin airlift 1948-49
Why was there a crisis in Berlin?
Long term causes Short term causes
Communist took over Eastern zone, try to take over January UK and US zones merged into one economic
Berlin but socialist majority resisted successfully unit called the Bizone
West wanted to speed up…

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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
April 1949
Berlin convinced West they needed military alliance to ensure security
Armed attack against one country = armed attack against them all
Guarantee against USSR expansion into W. Europe but atomic power of USA
Main purpose to prevent expansion

Warsaw Pact
Stalin saw NATO…

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The Hungarian uprising 1956
Why did the Hungarian Uprising happen?
Hungary after WW2
Soviet troops continued to occupy Hungary even thought an Allied Control Commission was set up
Agreed to USSR reparations of $300 million
Elections in November 1945 ­ Smallholders' Party won 57%, Hungarian communist party 17%
Head of…

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Cold War Crises 1957-69
Long term causes Short term causes
Soviet Union wanted to remove allies from West 20,000 a month leaving in 1961
Berlin Caused a huge drain on skilled workers
1949-61 4 million E. Germans fled to West through Kennedy re-asserted the Truman Doctrine in his…

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The Arms Race
1953 USA and USSR had hydrogen bombs
March 1954 USA tested the biggest ever hydrogen bomb
Churchill described it as a `balance of terror'
1957 Sputnik was launched ­ could orbit Earth in one and a half hours (military threat to USA)
1957-59 USA increased missile…




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