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Educational Resources--Cold Environments

Climate factors that cause cold climate environments

The low temperatures that characterise cold climate environments are
the result of four factors: latitude, altitude, continentality and the tem-
perature of ocean currents.

Latitude: In high latitude areas (i.e. 60-90°N/S of the equator) the
angle sun in the sky…

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and the land quickly releasing its stored energy. In Climatic Characteristics of Cold Environments
contrast, continental interiors are much colder than
Glacial Environments: The
coastal areas during winter because the land has lost
climate of glacial environ-
its stored heat, whereas, the sea is still radiating heat that it absorbed…

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Alpine: The climate in high alpine areas (Photo 3) is
characterised by very low temperatures, high precipi-
tation and winds speeds that frequently exceed hurri- Region Latitude Altitude of Treeline
cane force. Under such harsh climatic conditions trees can not survive Kilimanjaro o
0N 4500 m
and hence this dis-…


Mr A Gibson


The factors leading to cold environments - here they are in diagram and text form. This is a useful document giving full coverage of the main factors.

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