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Where might you use your
Remembering things when you wake up, e.
g. putting clothes on, etc.…read more

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Any situations (ETF >_<) where
your memory seems to (epically)
fail you?
All the time, e.g. exams, pop quizzes,
remembering case studies, what day it
is, etc..…read more

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What is Long Term Memory and
Short Term Memory?
· Long term memory (LTM) is the distant
past, things you have known for a long
time, e.g. address, name, family.
· Short term memory (STM) is the
present or immediate past memories.…read more

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...refers to how long
a memory lasts before it is
no longer available.…read more

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What are some examples of STM?
Comprehending language and solving
· How do we help turn STMs into LTMs?
We rehearse them.…read more

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