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The Cognitive Approach…read more

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What is The Cognitive Approach?
The Cognitive Approach investigates our mental processes
These mental process include how we...
...remember ...perceive
...understand and
produce language
...solve problems
Cognitive psychology concentrates on understanding
...think and reason
the way our brain processes information received
from our senses. It looks at how the way we process
information may determine our response.…read more

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One of the most fundamental and complex of human cognitive abilities is the human memory.
There are 3 processes of the memory:
1. Encoding- How the information can go into your brain, how you remember it
2. Storage- This is where you store the information. This requires you to retain the
information in an understandable form.
3. Retrieval- Finally you have to get the information back.
There are 3 types of memory:
1. Sensory Memory- it is called sensory memory because it refers to a fleeting memory which
is registered by the sensory receptors of sight (iconic memory) and sound (echonic memory)
2. Short Term Memory- Can hold only 7 pieces of information at one time. STM is vulnerable to
interruption and interference and can be held for 30 seconds but it is then deleted.
3.Long Term Memory- Holds an unlimited amount of information and is almost permanent but if lost
it can be retrieved.
Information Sensory Short Term Long Term
Memory Memory Memory
Forgotten Forgotten…read more

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and Thought
Language Grammar
Development…read more

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· Perception is the way the brain organises and interprets
sensory information and experiences in order to make sense of
them and create a representation of the world.
· Perception is `constructed' by a combination of three main
o The information the brain receives
o A persons expectations
o Hypotheses (guesswork)
· Often our perception contains errors due to the contribution of
a persons expectations and guesswork.…read more

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· An illusion occurs when there is a mistake in someone's
perception.…read more

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