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Cognitive Interview (CI)
PSYA1 ­ Cognitive Psychology…read more

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Cognitive Interview (CI)
AO1 · Fisher + Gieselman (1992)
1. Report everything (report every single details of the event)
2. Mental/ Contextual reinstatement (mentally recreate the original
3. Changing the order (try alternative ways through the timeline of
4. Changing the perspective (imagining how it would appear from other
viewpoints)…read more

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Cognitive Interview (CI)
AO1 · Step 1 +2 ­ If there is a consistency between the actual incident and
recreated situation, it is more likely that the witness will recall more
· Step 3+4 ­ It is productive to vary the different `routes' into an
individual's memory as it increases the chance of recall.…read more

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Evaluation of the Cognitive Interview (CI)
AO2 · Kohnkan et al. (1999)
· Meta analysis of 53 studies
· Found an average of 34% increase in the amount of correct information
generated from the use of the CI
· HOWEVER, most P's used were university students so findings are not applicable
· Milne + Bull (2002)
· Found that when they used a combination of steps 1+2, P's recall was
significantly higher
· P's showed no difference in recall when only ONE step was used
· Conclusion ­ two steps have to be used for the CI to be effective
· HOWEVER, this was a laboratory experiment so has low external validity meaning
that the findings cannot be applicable…read more

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Evaluation of the Cognitive Interview (CI)
AO2 · Mello + Fisher (1996)
· Both the standard interview and CI was used on older (72 years old)
and younger (22 years old) P's
· Conclusion ­ the CI was better for both groups and was significantly
better for the older group of P's
· Stein + Memon (2006)
· Compared the normal interviewing technique in Brazil (interrogative
and torture) to CI
· CI increased the amount of correct information obtained and the
richness of the information…read more

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Evaluation of the Cognitive Interview (CI)
AO2 · Kebell + Wagstaff (1996)
· CI is hard to evaluate as different police forces use different
· Kebell + Wagstaff
- Practical problems with CI = too time consuming and the police prefer
to use strategies that limit their time used…read more


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